For over 30 years Austone Pty Ltd has been quarrying and selling unique Australian pebbles and sand.

The combination of their shape, hardness and colour, as well as the range of sizes available have led them to be used in a range of industries, including as fine grinding media in mineral processing, in landscape design and exposed aggregate and in water filtration.

The pebble is sold in 20kg and 40kg bags with some sizes available in bulk.


Austone Pty Ltd was established in 1971 with the objective of locating pebble deposits where the pebbles exhibited particular characteristics such as hardness, shape, competency and colour. Successful exploration, extraction rights and plants construction enabled production to start in 1974 – and have continued uninterrupted ever since.


There are two production plants. The first is located at Macksville, which is halfway between Sydney and Brisbane on the NSW north coast, and the plant itself is seven kilometres east of the Pacific Highway. The second plant is at Cumborah, which is 50 kilometres northwest of the town of Walgett in north-western NSW.